welcome to EH Kiteboarding

Our Philosophy

EH kiteboarding started building kiteboarding equipment in 1999. Our experience is vast and unpolluted. We pride ourselves to be original and free from the all too common copy cat practices in our industry.

If you like to find out more about Eric then read this interview by "The Kiteboarder".

I assume that you have enough kiteboarding experience to evaluate what you see in the videos, images and pages on this site. That said, we will not bore you with fancy technology talk and marketing jibber jabber, we prefer to show you what it is all about using lots of video and images.

You can follow the day by day development and chat with us and other EH customers by signing up to our Face Book.

Materials / Workmanship / Know How

We use first grade fabrics and materials to build our kites. Our leading edges are built of a double Dacron composite which makes them very strong and stiff. The canopies are made from first grade Teijin polyester Rip Stop.

Our kites are manufactured at a top custom loft in China, the factory is a an industry leader in manufacturing of many sail related products.

The testing is done by a extensive team of hardcore riders placed throughout the world, we receive steady feedback through a network of schools and supervise several busy kite centers in around the world.

I hope you enjoy the images and videos of our work and hope to see you join our family of passionate kiteboarders ;-).

Eric Hertsens