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Design specification for the Beast V3

Targeted use

Feedback- Flight characteristics

The Beast v3 history has showed it to be the favorite kite for professional use. Many schools use it for teaching and rental and commend its durability and ease of use. This kite has been dragged through shore break, slammed into trees and crashed into the beach like no other. The Beast is our 4x4 work horse, not the fastest, but a kite that will go anywhere with ease and have most aspiring riders quickly exited.

What size to choose...

The Beast was designed for the beginner where we need power to replace experiencel. The Beast is powerful for its size, has 75% de-power and can absorb 10 knots gusts with ease. For a 70-75 kg rider a 11M will get him going in 12 knots and he will max out around 22 knots. This kite is perfect for the heavy weights to a 90+110kg rider will enjoy a 11m from 15 knots on and will keep it to 25 knots.

Sizes are 6-7-8-9-10-11-12 square meters.



EH kiteboarding started building kiteboarding equipment in 1999. Our experience is vast and unpolluted. We use first grade Teijin fabrics and materials to build all our kites.

Our kites are manufactured at a top custom loft in China, the factory is a an industry leader in manufacturing of many sail related products.

The Beast V3 has been extensively tested in our rental centers and has been reinforced appropriately to withstand the harsh teaching -rental environments.

Bar-Line recommendations

The bar comes with 23 lines and 4M extensions, depending the wind conditions and your skill level you can extend the top end by removing the 4M extensions. Removing the extensions will also speed up the larger sizes.


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On line reviews

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