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Design notes on the Ovando

The Ovando does not behave like any kite you have ever tried, it has a extremely efficient airfoil and truly combines the C shape turning speed with the power of a Ultra Flat. I will try to give you as much info as I can about this new kite concept.

The idea behind the Ultra Flat was to use as much surface available in the power generating zone, (yellow area in the images), of the kite and keep the surface of the tips to the bare minimum required for reliable re launch and stability.

The Ripper and the Eze designs were perfect examples of this concept. Both were high aspect ratio kites where we had 80% projected area from the 60% of the C shape. The disadvantage of this high AR design was that because of the wide flat surface in the center of the kite you had to learn a kite specific re-launch technique.

The popularity of the Delta style kites, were the focus was more easy re launch rather than performance, made me look at ways to get the performance of the ultra flat and that simple re launch of the modern Delta kites.

The work started on the Beast V3 and we achieved both power and re-launch objectives but the kite did not have the agility of the Ripper. This slower turning was OK for the Beast because it is an entry level kite.

After prototyping several more traditional designs, . I decided to mimic a real wing as much as possible and then give it just enough tips so it would fly stable and be water re launch able. The Ovando was born.




A ultra flat center wing section has a deep efficient profile to get maximum lift at low wind speeds.
Most its usable surface is generating lift.


On the Ovando design the tips are purposely kept small, thin and low drag. The surface is just large enough to stabilize the kite in flight, turn it and help it re launch from the water.


One of our prides is to be able to achieve smooth power control with a short de power travel.

The Ovando de-power is very good but do not expect bow type de power. The Ovando needs to stay with proximately 30% of its power to fly stable so it feels more like a C shape.

It's short 25 cm de power travel 25 cm allows you to ride with a more natural body position and gives you full control over the kite's power all within arms reach.



Feedback- Flight characteristics

What I recommend is that you evaluate all the videos related to the Ovando by clicking the video link the Ovando Menu. That said feel free to read on :-).

Many customers from all over the world have reported back that they comfortably ride 2 square meters smaller than any other kite on the water. They also are blow away by it's smooth constant power turning and its extreme upwind performance.

The excellent light wind performance comes with the price, what we gained at the bottom we lost at the top.

The deep profile and the ultra flat center section combined with the thin low drag tips will behave erratically when the Ovando becomes over powered.

It can be said that all kites behave erratically when taken out of their range, on the Ovando it "appears" more dramatic because of its small size. For example most riders use a 7 M is 30 knots, were the 7M Ovando starts at 18 knots. When you use an Ovando size for size in the same wind you were used to you will probably be over powered..

Targeted use


EH kiteboarding started building kiteboarding equipment in 1999. Our experience is vast and unpolluted.
We use first grade Teijin polyester Rip Stop fabrics to build all our kites. The Ovando is specially reinforced and features our composite double dacron leading edge construction.
Our designs are manufactured at a top custom loft in China, the factory is a an industry leader in manufacturing of many sail related products.

What size to choose...

The Ovando was designed for light to medium winds and its flight characteristics are so different from anything that is out there that building a wind chart as a reference is very difficult. From our observations you should select the size more on your body weight and board collection. In many cases you will only need ones size of the Ovando and have a smaller Ripper or Beast as a second kite. With this Ovando & Ripper or Ovando & Beast combo you have the best of both worlds.


Water launch

Please visit the water launch page for more info.

Bar-Line recommendations

The bar comes with 23 lines and 4M extensions, depending the wind conditions and your skill level you can extend the top end by removing the 4M extensions.

I recommend that you ride the 11-10- and 9 on 23M lines and the smaller sizes on 27M lines.


Please visit the control bar page for more info for more info on the actual bar system.


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