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Ovando water launch


The Ovando re launches easiest from the straight down wind leading edge down position. From that position you just have to let go of the bar, then grab the rear leaders above the floaters, drift it slightly to either side of the window and then briskly pull the opposite line so that the kite rolls on it's leading edge to re launch.

The Ovando also does reverse re launch, grab both rear leader lines above the floaters and pull hard the kite will fly backwards out of the water. When the kite clears the water let go of one line and the kite will turn upwards and fly to zenith. One thing to keep in mind reverse launching is that the more water resistance you have the easier it is. Keeping the board on you feet and pushing it in front of you helps a lot.

Re-launch video

Note to Rippehr owners

For the Rippehr riders out there, do not let the Ovando flip on its back like a Rippehr, The Ovando design has a very flat wing section, if you let it roll on its back to do a more traditional C-shape re launch you will have trouble getting it out of the water. Launch it either from leading edge down or reverse as I described above.