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Valve repair tips

How to make your own glue on valves.


New generic valve or use your old one


Type A Tear-Aid patch big enough to glue a valve on.


Sand the base of the valve with 200 grit, don't sand to much just dull it up.


Clean the valve base and Tear Aid with alcohol and let it dry.


We build a little device out of PVC parts to hold the valve and to apply even pressure while the silicone dry's.


This is the only silicone that will work, we tried them all. You can buy it here. See our were to find materials page.


Apply the silicone thin and evenly.


Place the valve on the Tear-Aid patch, whit the PVC holder.


Apply a "little" weight to insure that the silicone distributes evenly and without air bubbles. In this case we used a small book. Leave the book there for 24 hr. The final cure happens after 48 hr. The longer it dries the better it sticks.
Don't forget to punch a couple of small holes in the Tear-Aid patch to allow the air to pass.


Here you see the finished product, this Tear-Aid patch has a peel away backing and can be glued anywhere. Stick some of these in your car to make instantaneous repairs or help out a fellow kiter in need.


Here we glued the valve directly on the bladder. Make sure you position it properly so that the velcro valve closures fit properly.