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Design specification for the Rippehr V6

Targeted use

Feedback- Flight characteristics

The Rippehr has a long history and is a very liked kite by many. In 2007 the Rippehr entered history by being the first bow design ever to win several grand slam freestyle events. You can find several reviews in the magazines and forums.

* Jumping

The Rippehrs ability to give you excellent control over the strong gusts you will be able to time your jumps and take off as the gust hits you and get incredible air and glide. Have a look at some photos and video taken during the Kite4Kids event.

* Looping

The Rippehr's turning speed and power control can drive your adrenaline levels to new heights.. no words needed the photos and video speak for them selves


* Wave

Un hooked, one handed control, on twin tips or strapless surfboards is all possible with the Rippehr. Just set your trim strap to the power off the day and shred it up.


As you can see, the Rippehr is a universal tool that will allow you to excel when it really matters, I compare it to a rally car, the turbo kicks in at 4500 RPM, well the Rippehr revs up at around 15 knots. :-)

What size to choose...

For 2010 only the 7 and 9M will be available, we are planning to develop a 12 meter for 2011 but our 10M Ovando performs so well in that wind range that I do not see how we will beat its performance. Because of the huge range selecting a Rippehr is very straight forward. Prevailing medium winds go for the 9M, prevailing strong winds grab a 7M.

If you need to cover more low end then you should look at the larger Ovando or Beast V3 for light winds . Both Beast and Ovando are perfect light wind companions to the Rippehr.

For example, a 75 kg Person would cover 13 to 35 knots with a Ovando 9 or 10 combined with a 7 Rippehr.



EH kiteboarding started building kiteboarding equipment in 1999. Our experience is vast and unpolluted. We use first grade Teijin polyester Rip Stop fabrics to build all our kites.

The V6 Ripper has been heavily reinforced and features our composite double Dacron leading edge, full dacron tips and trailing edge.

Our kites are manufactured at a top custom loft in China, the factory is a an industry leader in manufacturing of many sail related products.

Bar-Line recommendations

The bar comes with 23 lines and 4M extensions, depending the wind conditions and your skill level you can extend the top end by removing the 4M extensions. Removing the extensions will also speed up the larger sizes.


Please visit the control bar page for more info for more info.


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