welcome to EH Kiteboarding

Self Land your kite


Have the kite low at the edge of the window. In this sequence the landing is on the left side of the window. Connect your leash to the right or opposite red rear line handle.


Make sure you have enough space downwind incase your kite does not land properly. Now un-hook your chicken loop from your harness steer your kite down to the ground.


You have to commit and steer the kite down hard so that the leading edge is parallel to the beach, leading edge not parallel to the beach and you will have a mess


As soon as the kite facing down and about 5ft or 1.5M of the ground you let go of the bar.


As the kite drops down the bar slides up the rear line and the leash spins the kite in to the wind.


The kite has now landed, leave the leash connected and walk up to your kite holding the rear line in your hand to make sure the kite does not take off. Once you get to your kite weigh it down to secure it